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Kerri Evelyn Harris’ Memoir

By: Kerri Evelyn Harris

Kerri Evelyn Harris’s run against Senator Tom Carper in September 2018 attracted national attention and shook the Delaware political machine to its core. Help make it happen by contributing below. Donors will be thanked by name in the acknowledgments, and all contributions will go to Harris and toward production of the book.

The Lie that Binds

By: Ilyse Hogue

The Lie that Binds is the indispensable account of how the formerly non-partisan, back-burner issue of abortion rights was reinvented as the sharp point of the spear for a much larger reactionary movement bent on maintaining control in a changing world. Written by NARAL Pro-Choice America President Ilyse Hogue with research by Ellie Langford, The Lie that Binds traces the evolution of some of the most dangerous and least understood forces in U.S. politics, offering an unflinchingly incisive analysis of the conservative political machinery designed to thwart social progress — all built around the foundational lie that their motivations are based in moral convictions about individual pregnancies.


Tío Bernie

By: Chuck Rocha

Four months after the end of Sen. Bernie Sanders’ groundbreaking 2020 presidential campaign, Senior Advisor Chuck Rocha publishes his debut novel “Tío Bernie,” a chronicle of the historic Latino outreach program he pioneered.

This book is not about me. It’s about us: the Latinos who worked and volunteered for the campaign because they believe in an America that strives to live up to its potential. An America where every person – regardless of their immigration status – has health care, an education and a roof over their head. An America where your zip code doesn’t determine your potential.