New Releases

We’ve Got People

by Ryan Grim

Guts: The Lane Evans Story

by Devin Hansen

I Can Change Everything

Written by Stephanie Taylor
Illustrated by Laura Brenlla

Fat Cat: The Steve Mnuchin Story

by Rebecca Burns and David Dayen

Angry Tías: Cruelty and Compassion on the U.S. Mexico Border

by Daniel Blue Tyx

Big Pharma Big Greed

by Stephen Sheller, Sidney Kirkpatrick, Christopher Mondics

NPR Interview about Guts

NPR Interview about Guts

Former Illinois Congressman Lane Evans is the subject of a new biography. Devin Hansen of Rock Island says it took eight years, plus two years to find a publisher, to finally release “Guts: The Lane Evans Story.” Herb Trix reports.

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THIS WEEK: Impeachment and the local congressmen

THIS WEEK: Impeachment and the local congressmen

MOLINE, Illinois – It’s a full-fledged battle between the White House and the Democrats in the House.

President Donald Trump called the Impeachment Inquiry launched by House Democrats a “kangaroo court” preventing House Committees from receiving testimony from key officials involved in the Administration’s dealings with Ukraine.

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