How Can a Small Progressive Publisher Keep Up With the Trump Administration? Via Crowdfunding. And Speed.

Not long after he jumped from HuffPost to the Intercept last year, Ryan Grim also wanted to nurture an only-in-Washington pet project. Grim and Alex Lawson, the founder of the progressive broadcasting company We Act Radio looked at the emerging menu of Trumpworld-related books and decided there was an opening for short and digestible narratives about the cabinet members and policy makers who might not star in the palace intrigue coming out of the White House, but who may leave far more lasting marks on life in the United States. Read more.

Recent Titles

How To Think Like A Patriotic Millionaire: Taxes

by Morris Pearl (Author), Sam Quigley (Author), Julie Teninbaum (Illustrator)

How To Democrat In the Age Of Trump

by Mike Lux

Out of the Ooze: The Story of Dr. Tom Price

by Alexander Zaitchik

Schoolhouse Wreck: The Betsy DeVos Story

by Jason Linkins